Three Divisions

Three independent divisions to manage different business activities:




The FMCG division handles the Business and Development of Famous European brands in the Middle East & Africa.  

Textiles & Perfumes

 The Textiles & Perfumes division is specialized in Textiles & Perfumes. Its expertise is to introduce those high quality products in Europe.

Electronics & Motorcycles

The Electronics & Motorcycles division aims to develop Chinese top products in the European market.



Milion people in the covered regions.

Brands in our portfolio.

C TRADE FZC Expertise…



Inbound Business

Focus on the fastest growing markets in the Middle East & Africa to build undeveloped multinational brands and generate high profitability.



Distribution Network

Wide network of distributors covering Modern & Traditional channels.



Outbound business

Sourcing the best high quality products available in the local market and still unknown in Europe despite their high potential & value.


A few things about C TRADE FZC


Professional Team

Our team is composed of skilled and professional people, flexible, easy to reach, experts in their fields and highly motivated.


Online Stores & Wholesale

Thanks to their online shop like Huilerie Meziana (specialized in black seed oil), the Foodstuff, Textiles/Perfumes & Electronics/Motorcycles divisions provide items available to order with a simple click whether you are a Consumer or a Wholesaler.

Distribution Management

Thanks to proven Sales & Distribution processes, the FMCG Division excels in Developing and Optimizing distribution networks.


Trade & Services

Apart from the trading activity, C TRADE FZC and especially the FMCG Division has also the capability to support you as a consultant while developing your business planning.

Supply Chain

The FMCG Division helps its customers optimize their supply chain. Improving efficiency and strategy while developing business in MEA.


Deep Knowledge of Europe & MEA

The source of our success: A deep knowledge and understanding of the Emerging Middle East & Africa markets and trends.