What we are about?




Distributors recruitment, Distribution management processes


Supply chain, Operational costs


Business strategy, Business planning, Trainings


Distributor partners.

Million people in the covered regions.

Brands in our portfolio.

Areas of Expertise:


Supply Chain Management



From Cosmetics to Foodstuff.
C TRADE FZC excels in defining the most accurate demand & supply planning, ensuring your products availability and stock optimization within the territories.


C TRADE FZC is connected to the most reliable
forwarding agents and can take care of your end to end logistics.

Business Development

Distribution Management

Connected to a network of 51 distributor partners
across 22 countries in the Middle East & Africa. C TRADE FZC will define for you the full DMP from
IMS forecasting to order planning.

Sales Development

Finding new route to market, listing the products, and leading the distributor sales team to meet the target we would have defined.



Defining the right Marketing plan in collaboration with the suppliers and distributors.

Brand Building

We take care of the implementation of the marketing plans, working closely with reliable BTL & POS marketing agencies.

Our Business Model

Distribution Management: 100%
Financial: 100%
Marketing: 70%
Risk: 0%
C TRADE FZC takes care of the distribution of its customers products using special in-house DMP mechanisms. The FMCG team implements the business strategy and makes sure the targets are reached. All these efforts are coordinated with the customers and distributors.

C  TRADE FZC guarantees efficient business management at no cost for its customers. No added resources or costs are used by the suppliers to develop the business. The efforts and marketing are financed by C TRADE FZC margins on the business.

M arketing is developed with a “closest to the market” approach (through efficient activations).

Zero financial risk business model for the suppliers.


Who can work with us and Why?




If you are a supplier and willing to penetrate new markets across emerging markets C TRADE FZC is your favorite partner. With C TRADE FZC you will efficiently and quickly make it happen in no time.




If you want to outsource your business development for emerging markets C TRADE FZC will be the best partner. The FMCG team is working on a day to day basis with the best distributors in the MEA region.

No Contacts in MEA

No Contacts in MEA

If you have no contacts in the MEA region, C TRADE FZC will introduce you to the biggest players.


Reducing Risk

Reducing Risk

Dealing with C TRADE FZC ensures that there is no financial risk for you as our margin will finance all the development related costs.



If you are a distributor based in the MEA region and looking for innovative products, C TRADE FZC will help you to get some new products into your portfolio.


Reducing Workload

Reducing Workload

If you are a supplier and want to partially reduce your Business Development/Logistics or Marketing in the MEA, C TRADE FZC can manage your needs in any of the above fields.